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Keeday Art Fellowship

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About the Fellowship

Practicing art in the present times can often be seen as a luxury. However, art is a deeply human activity, as artists possess the unique ability to explore a given subject or situation, whether it is political or personal, and uncover a multitude of perspectives. Engaging in this activity requires challenging societal norms and questioning the established status quo.


Traditionally, artists have sustained themselves by either teaching their art or getting commissioned by funding bodies. However, once an artist becomes dependent on funding, the art can become defined by the influence of money, often leading to the art and the artists themselves being manipulated to serve the interests of those in power, or even becoming vehicles for propaganda.


The Keeday Art Fellowship aims to break away from this pattern by providing a modest fund to artists, allowing them to focus on their art-making without worrying about their next meal or the cost of their workspace. By alleviating financial concerns, artists are given the freedom and space to explore their creativity and pursue their artistic vision.


This fellowship, we hope to uplift artists, nurture their talents, and foster an environment where art can flourish without compromising artistic integrity. It is a recognition of the value of artists and their crucial role in society as creators and provocateurs of thought and emotion.

Keeday Art Fellows

Workshops Conducted

1) Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy - June 2023

2) Pooja Bhose - Aug 2023

3) Indrajit Bohra - Aug 2023

4) Bindu Madhava - 

1) Exploring macroeconomics through micro movements

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