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keeday collective fund

Keeday Collective Fund is a fund created out of the generosity of people connected to the Keeday community - our jigari dosts, chacha bhateejas, soul sisters, bros from other mothers, and kindred spirits who wish to support keeday in their social entrepreneurial journeys.

The piloting of the Keeday Collective Fund was done on 3rd March 2023 from 18:00-20:00 and 15 people including keeday, investors, and audience attended it. 

INR 46,999 divided amongst 3 projects via live polling on the principles of needs-based allocation and collaborative budgeting. 


projects funded

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Forgotten Greens Card game and toolkit

Forgotten Greens Card Game is a medium to bring forward the conversations around wild edible greens to people in a fun, thoughtful and interactive game. 

Sustainability Shoppe

Sustainability Shoppe is a Farmers' Market organized in Patna, Bihar aimed at creating awareness on local and traditional foods, nutrition and sustainable living. 

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A human form of bee-hive where people from diverse cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, occupations and worldviews come, stay, and share conversations, responsibilities, laughter, and resources. 

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