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a micro solidarity forum for people working in the alternative

our story

our work

Keeda in Hindi language is the umbrella term for ‘bug’ or ‘insect’. Keedas have lived in the system since time immemorial. Think of the system as the society around you and the world at large. Needless to say, it is broken in places and needs mending. Now Keeda may be small, but surely is not insignificant. They might not know it just yet, but they have the power to start ‘The Outbreak’ which, (as the name suggests) inspires their systemates to break out of idea prisons that hold down their best beautiful.

We are a unique community that provides a safe space for young people to fail and learn, to share their needs and aspirations, and to develop their skills and gifts. It operates on the principles of solidarity, collaboration, and mutual support and provides a blueprint for similar groups to pop up across the country.

our mission

Our mission is to make sure youth get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is. 

We want to continue experiments in resource sharing, collaborative working, and solidarity building that not only makes sure that the group flourishes but also provides an experiential blueprint for other similar groups to pop across the country. 

how we do what we do

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