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our belief

At Keeda, we understand your need to do great things. We handle the paperwork while you eat the system. We’re all about helping you learn to move and groove your way to social change when you have six legs and it seems like life is after you with a can of Mortein.


Don’t take our word for it. Many of the dhoom dhamaka moves in history that made the world better came from the tiny bug of an idea sitting in the head of a total misfit that ate its way into the system. That’s you, you little bug. Your time has come.

what we promise to do, to ourselves and to the world…

There are business incubators, fellowships, angel investors and leadership programmes to support and boost social start-ups. No dearth of these.

Zoom in and observe the tensions and hick-ups that restrict a budding social entrepreneur (hereafter referred to as the ‘host’) from taking their goofy idea (hereafter referred to as the ‘keeda’) and making it great.

Let’s explore a few of these woeful woes from the first person perspective:

I feel like I should do ‘something’ but I’m not sure what.

Where ‘something’ could mean anything, a project leaning towards a specific cause/solution or the first time our host sensed they have a keeda inside them.

be a Keeda

Keeda exists as a safe harbour, a starting point, a support system for people who are answering the call to do good in the world. We give you a friend circle that understands, inputs, a listening ear, access funds and an umbrella registration to test their project ideas.

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