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Ranging from micro funds to community action groups, at Keeday we want to delve into everything alternative.

Here's a peek into our wonderland.

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HaiJalo is a volunteer and community action group based in Champawat, Uttarakhand. 

They are taking steps to resolve local societal and environmental issues while shaping Pahadi communities with kindness, tolerance, and the power of volunteering. 

They support Pahadi youth in designing and implementing tiny projects that restore feelings of oneness, mutual benefit and bring abundance to their communities. Take a little time to know them through their work and play.

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School of Nature

The ‘School of Nature’ envisages to integrate needful learning; one that takes into account the socio-cultural context of the region, traditional knowledge systems and make learning relevant.

The purpose is to retain a community which is healthy, happy, well informed, just, sustainable, caring and sharing, given the present day scenario of rat race and global warming.

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Chit-Chat Fund

The Keeday Chit-Chat fund is a micro-fund that gets built through micro-funding, which is held by a different Keeday member every month and gets distributed towards individual needs.


Keeday Collective Fund

The Keeday Collective fund is a hassle free divestment plan that guarantees exponential reduction in one's income and wealth by giving it away towards organizations/projects that work in the alternative.



A working, co-working, do nothing, hideout, incubating, hibernating, resting space for our growing Keeday community.

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