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seal tank

Before India got its Shark Tank, it had a Seal Tank. Seal Tank is the exact opposite of Shark Tank …in spirit and in action. 

Seal Tank is a non-competitive, collaborative space for all kinds of projects (that look to make the world a little easier) fostered and supported collectively.

There are no ‘sharks’ that need to be pitched to, only friendly souls to be invited into your project/idea dreamscape.

why seal tank? why not?!

In the conventional social enterprise space where one pitches their idea before Venture Capitalists for funding and support, it is pretty much like entering a Shark Tank*. The VCs try to find all the different faults in the idea, and after all the grilling, if they find some “scope”, they would invest in the project, which comes with certain asks and returns. They might want to be a Co-Director or a Co-Founder of the initiative, they would want a return of investment within a certain period of time, etc.  

Seal Tank is an alternative to such models that fail to carry the spirit of sharing and caring trust. At Seal Tank, one would only find friendly beings like seals with the intention of supporting and fortifying the ideas everyone else holds.

How it works?

The Keeday looking for support share concepts about their ongoing projects and their vision for these projects. It is a space that operates on trust and conviction, where projects and ideas are not critiqued, only nurtured and supported.The only rule of Seal Tank is that all participants must offer/accept the support (monetary or otherwise) to/from at least one other participant, thus everyone getting to be Venture Socialists. 

What has been accomplished?

Hundreds of hours, thousands of rupees, tens of skills and contacts shared with each other.

While you have read about some of the projects on our website, here are some more that manifested through Seal Tank. 

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